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About Us

Bee Chillin' Honey is a small Sunshine Coast family operation, that has a strong passion for saving bees and providing some the best local, raw, and natural honey.  ******

From Grant's childhood days helping his parents on the family farm and tinkering with a small apiary of a dozen hives, fate would turn a full circle in 2012 when a swarm of bees landed on the underside of the family's trampoline and his passion of bees returned .


Since then we have slowly continued to build up our hive number to over 70  production hives, with plans to continue growing in numbers in the coming years.


Our hives are on primarily stationary apiary sites, selected to be free of chemical exposure and to ensure a variety of flavours for your enjoyment. 


Our Passion

Our bees are free of treatment with chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics. We believe in keeping hives strong to  control pests, allowing us to bring pure , raw honey straight "From the hive to you".

Swarms and  Removals

Urban development around the coast continues to prove a constant problem for bees. Consequently we are seeing more backyard swarms.  We are excited to provide a  swarm capture service. Capturing and removing swarming allows for their survival and reduces the risks of bees moving into family homes.  Bees enter weep holes or gaps in home structures and can start hives in wall cavities. Early detection is preferred.  If bees are found to be entering a cavity please let us know ASAP and we can arrange a time suitable to view and discuss removal options. 

Swarm Removals

Trap Outs

Freshly made Flat Wax Sheet befor embedding

Wax for our foundation comes from recycling our wax capping (during our extraction process) and from any older frames in our hives. Older frames are rotated out of hives to minimize desease and to maintain healthy hives. 

Wax sheet rolled through embossing machine

Plain sheets are rolled through our mill to allow for different thicknessess. Most  of the thicker sheets are used in our honey frames while our thinner sheets are used in frames marked for honeycomb, removing a thick wax sheet center  

Home produced, addivities free Fresh wax

"In house" made wax foundation sheets allows us to maintain chemical free wax and to be 100% pure bees wax, free from any parafin 

Fresh is best - Direct from the hive

Decapping - 100% Heat Free

All honey at Bee Chillin' Honey is decapped by my drum decapping machine. This allows us to say that we are proud to say that "All honey processed is 100% heat free".

Cold Filtering

After extracting our honey it is cold filtered twice. Firstly through a course sieve to remove the biggest wax particles and then we pass the honey through a finer mesh filter . This allows all its natural health benefits of pollens, vitamins and antioxidants to be maintained within the honey.


The honey is then moved into holding tanks and allowed more time to settle.  Honey is decanted manually into plastic or glass containers, weighed, labeled and ready to be enjoyed.

Some of the rawest, honey you will ever find

Our Products

Plastic and Glass 

Wedding and Special Events

Honey Comb


Eating honeycomb is the healthiest way to eat honey. Not only is the honey in its freshest most natural state, but the wax of the honeycomb has many health benefits. Many people eat honeycomb for conditions like haye fever, respiratory problems, sinus issues, digestive troubles and some say it helps improve memory. Honeycomb has been used for centuries in folk medicine for hundreds of complaints across the world.

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Swarms or Bee Problems

Please contact as soon as a bee problem arises. The quicker we can relocate the bee or remove them the easier it is.  

Bee Chillin' Honey

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Honey can be picked up by appointment and can also be purchased at :

F&C Fish and Chip,  Sippy Downs 

Fisherman Road Markets - 20th May 2018 (every second week). Bulk and Bottles