Marcoola Cutout 13-07-18

Bees were found entering the cavity of this house through a small hole on the side of the house. The cladding of the house was cut to make the panels shorter and easier to manage.  Once the cladding was removed, the hive could bee easily seen. The comb waqs removed with the bees and "rubber banded" into new frames.  Remaining bees were vacuumed with my low powered bee-vac.  The wall was cleaned of all wax. The hole that the bees were entering through was closed from the inside.  All cladding was re-attached to the wall. All gaps were sealed to prevent bee in the future

Another successful job with the bee saved 

Buddina Cutout 2-05-18

Bees were found to be entering a weep hole outside the toilet. After using the owners Flir camera it was found they were between the floor of the 1st level toilet and second story bedroom. Easiest way for removal was a cut out from underneath. Plenty of quiet bees fully removed 

Aura fire

Sad day when 50 of my breeder and honey hives were destroyed when a fire started on the side of the Bruce Highway.